Lahore , Pakistan

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Kategorie(n): Consulting , Engineering , IT


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Data Science: Pattern Recognition, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, Simulation, Algorithms

Mathematics: Numerical Methods, Simulations, Distributed Computing

Tools: Scilab, Octave

Programming: C++, Python, R, Julia

Framework: Apache Hadoop Stack, Spark stack, Hortonworks

OS: Unix, Linux


Daakia: A logistics solution framework


I have Ph.D in Operations Research.

I have 6+ years professional experience working as Big Data Engineer.

I use C++, Python, R, Julia as my programming languages, Apache Hadoop stack, Spark, Flink etc as frameworks for big data. And various other libraries, tools and utilities for machine learning, analytics, pattern recognition, simulation etc.

I work for primarily in Logistics/Transportation sector, and some of its very interesting and challenging problems.


Flexible, Communicative, Structured, Focused