Doktortitel, Biochemie


• setting up or restructuring high throughput biotech laboratory facilities.
• scaling up laboratory operations while minimizing cost (both national and international level biotech companies).
• assessing and implementing evolving technologies and platforms in molecular diagnostics field
• assisting in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance in terms of study validation design, result interpretation and presentation.
• strategic positioning of products in the competitive market using market intelligence.
• evaluating companies in biotech space for private investors and building strategic collaborations both nationally and internationally to foster future growth.

(Current) Founder & Managing Director of a biotech based rare disease genetic data analysis interpretation company
(Past) Senior Vice President, Diagnostics Process Operations of a German rare disease diagnostic company
(Past) Senior Director of Research and Development in a German rare disease diagnostic company
(Past) Healthcare Associate consultant in a Swiss healthcare consulting firm focusing on Market Access and Pricing of pharmaceutical products

>20 combined years of experience in disease oriented research, industrial development and process operations
Worked across three continents (Asia, Europe and North America) with diverse organizations and easily adaptable to multi cultural work ethics
Extensive background in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology with special emphasis on plant set up, development and operations

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