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American Native English Texter & Tutor

| Hannover
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I am a native English speaker and American expat living in Hannover. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English literature, conferred with honors in 2013, and have won awards for my writing and academic achievement. I have since headed a nonprofit organization called Untold International, which is dedicated to providing literacy education and resources to underprivileged communities worldwide, worked briefly as an assistant marketing director for a US startup, and earned my certification to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL).

I am passionate about literature and the art of crafting words in general, as well as marketing and efficient, ethical, and aesthetically-pleasing advertising. I am eager to help optimize text wherever I can--through translation, copywriting, revision, editing, and beyond.

// American English native speaker // Detail-oriented // Excellent command of English language // Award-winning academic & analytical writer // TEFL-certified teacher // Experience in marketing, nonprofit management, customer service, teaching, web design //


**WICHTIG: Mein deutsches Verständnis ist immer noch sehr einfach.**

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