Freelancerprofil: SAP Functional / Berater, tester and developer (Entwickler) in Switzerland

SAP Functional / Berater, tester and developer (Entwickler)

| Switzerland
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SAP specialist with expert knowledge of software development, finance and
design and control of business processes. Familiar with both agile and classic
project environments and have wide ranging experience in project management.
Possess the business understanding, knowledge and ability to contribute to solution
proposals in both product and customer-facing scenarios as well as in detailed
technical discussions.
Understand how to break down complex projects into specific tasks and completing them. Very
adaptable to change.
Focused on collaboration, customers and results. Ensure that deadlines and agreements are met and
take initiative and responsibility.
Used to working in an international environment with other cultures such as the Indian, German,
American and Swedish.
Knowledge sharing, new learning, discussion and team spirit are a matter of course.

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