Freelancerprofil: International Business Consulting in Germany, Spain, UE, Euope, Latin America, Africa, Asia

International Business Consulting

Germany, Spain, UE, Euope, Latin America, Africa, Asia
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International Consulting / Business Development / Project Management
Accomplished Managing Consultant with 15+ years of repeated success negotiating and securing contracts while strategically expanding company visibility and worldwide client base. Expertise aligning consultative services with client business goals and forming strategic partnerships that successfully enhance both company and client profits. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation strengths. Extensive global experience with comprehensive understanding of diverse international business cultures; multilingual in English, Spanish and German +.

Interested in:
- Consulting - Management Consulting
- Leading through innovation = productivity
- Global Economic & Business Summits
- International Trade and Business - networking and implementation
- Connecting Global Markets
- Sustainable Leadership and Strategic Management
- Lean Management and Administration
- Sustainability Green Environment + Energy
- Strategic Studies
- International Education Studies
- Minority languages and international Immigration policy and First Nations policies

• Consulting - Lean Consulting
• International Relations
• Leading through innovation = productivity
• Research - Analysis - Innovation
• Business and Trade Architecture & Business Transformation
• Organization Development & Corporate Strategy
• Business Development Coordination & Support
• International Marketing and Sales
• Communications
• Event Management
• B2B
• Human Resources
• Security & Defense, Peace & Conflict
• Latin America, Spain, Germany, European Union
• Immigration and First Nations

Projects in 43 countries e. g.:
Spain, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, USA, Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, and other European Union, East European States.
Latin America: Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay etc.
Africa: Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Namibia, South Africa etc.

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