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Application Architect & Full-Stack Senior Web Developer

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Jochen Werner | Leipzig | Stunden- und Tagessatz 65 EUR / 520 EUR
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Hello out there, i am 35 years old, live and work hard on my farm near Leipzig. I earn my bread as a freelance Application Architect & Full-Stack Developer. My backpack is filled with a lot of experience because i am working in software development for more than 16 years.

Technological Skills

Laravel, PHP7, Vue.js, REST, Eloquent, AmazonSDK, AWS, Symfony2, Doctrine2, Zend Framework, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, AJAX/XHR, XHTML/CSS, SASS, YAML, XSLT, XSLFO, ODM, ORM, OOP, SVN, GIT, InterSystems Caché, Twig, Apache, Debian, Linux, Jade, PhantomJs, WKHTMLTOPDF, Jira, Composer, NPM, Bootstrap, PayPal SDK, Stripe API, Scrum, AmazonCloud (RDS, EC2, S3, SQS, SNS, SES, Beanstalk, ...)


From November, a quota of approximately 80 hours per month is available.


Ongoing projects

since 06/2017,

The root360 "Orbiter" tool is a cloud dashboard that gives root360 customers an overview of their respective AWS cloud hosting. First, the cloud dashboard provides an overview of the infrastructure, e.g. which servers, databases and load balancers are in use. In addition, many important data for cloud hosting are visualized. These includes the number of accesses, CPU and RAM utilization, credit balance for t2 instances, latency and network utilization.

since 03/2016, is a web tool for documentation and proof of competences. The request for external assessment is part of a personal competence management process with the aim of knowing and realistically assessing one's own competences.

Stunden- und Tagessatz

Stundensatz: 65 EURO
Tagessatz: 65 EURO

Depending on agreed quota

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