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Software Developer / Architect / Coach / Mentor

Thomas Becker | Mönchengladbach
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Thomas is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and exceptionally qualified senior software development professional with +23 years experience in writing internet applications. Combining extensive experience in software development, architecture and administration, communication skills and a passion for computer sciences he is providing the best Internet, Intranet and mobile solutions.
His aspiration is to always improve his skills, competencies and to cope with new challenges. He is a creative team-player, experienced in leading small- to big sized projects to a success.
As an eclipse committer and evangelist of the Jetty Application Server, the 2nd most widely used Java Application Server behind Tomcat, he proved his various skills in open source software.
He's a strong believer of agile development (Extreme Programming, Scrum), Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration/Delivery, open source and clean and readable code.
In his freetime he loves to do sports like soccer, climbing, bouldering and mountainbiking. And when he's not doing any sports he probably enjoys to play guitar, watch the stars or follows one of his other numerous hobbies.


Ggfs. ab 1.9.2019

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