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IT Solutions

Altin Zejnullahu | Düsseldorf
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A multi-skilled solutions architect with good all-round ability to juggle multiple
projects and meet deadlines whilst at the same time comprehending complex and
interdependent business processes. Very capable with an ability to identify and
then deal with a client’s needs by translating them into appropriate technical

Administration of a Microsoft Windows Server network of servers
▪ Configure networking LAN, WAN and protocols
▪ Maintenance of Local Area Network, Firewalls, Switches and Routers
▪ Design, plan, deploy and administrate Active Directory Domain Services
▪ Implementing network security measures in order to protect corporate assets
▪ Maintaining network connections and equipment.
▪ Deploy and manage antivirus software
▪ Plan and establish VPN lines
▪ Provide remote support to off-site teams including software, hardware and VPN problems
▪ Responsible for network and system security
▪ Troubleshoot network and system problems.
▪ Monitoring network performance.
▪ Deploy and administrate Web Proxy Gateway

- Establish the information security management framework that will ensure that the information owned or under custody of the bank is protected from unauthorized access, use, inspection, disclosure, recording, modification, disruption, or destruction
- Undertake continual activities to assure that protection mechanisms for use, processing, storage and transmission of information resources are iteratively maintained and functional
- Define classification for the information assets and identify required classification security measures and access controls for each category
- Develop and maintain an inventory of the information assets, including the owner, security classification, access authorizations, conduct vulnerability and thread assessment, calculate the impact of threats on assets, and decide and implement appropriate controls and countermeasures
- Monitor access to all information containers and processing systems, and manage documentation of access authorizations to all information technology and information resources
- Examine implementation and compliance with the information security control measures. Work on determining overall risk bearing capacity and ensure the IT environments are adequately protected from potential risks and threats

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