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İstanbul , Türkei

Aktualisiert am 06.10.2018

Verfügbarkeit: verfügbar

Stundensatz: 50 €
Tagessatz: 300 €
Negotiable based on project length and subject
Kategorie(n): Architektur , Engineering , IT


  • Englisch (Gut)
  • Türkisch (Grundkenntnisse)

Fähigkeiten, Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen

Engineering Drawings, Visualizations and Simulations
Scientific Programming: Finite element modeling, Artificial intelligence
Web, Smartphones & Application Programming
Data Analyzing, reporting


* Civil Engineering Degree from Birkent University
* Other fields are self-studied (I am willing to do any project you desire so that you can evaluate my expertise in computer Sciences)


6 AM to 6 PM UTC


*Graphic Design, 3D works and Programming skills combined with a flexible attitude to work with various Applications.
*Seventeen years of teaching experience.
*I am fast learner, flexible and team player person.