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Master of Science



Berlin-based, location-independent professional focused on the conceptual side of UX: user research, ideation, and high-level product design.


Fields: user-centered design, user research, UX design, Information Architecture
Key Techniques: usability testing, user interviews, personas, scenarios, design critiques, writing
Deliverables: research reports, user flows, storyboards, wireframes, prototypes, mockups


Nokia | Wroclaw, Poland & Berlin, Germany — Interaction Designer
AUGUST 2013 - MARCH 2018

I supported product teams with UX as well as advancing a company-wide design transformation by helping to grow UX competence and improve internal design processes.

-Co-led extensive user and domain analysis and design of a complex new security product
-Developed and owned research-based personas for all security products
-Gave training sessions on methods like usability testing, user interviews, and synthesizing research results
-Initiated the creation of a central UX research database for sharing materials between designers

Fraunhofer Portugal | Porto, Portugal — Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction
AUGUST 2011 - MAY 2012

I contributed to the research and design of health mobile applications for older adults, while also writing and editing academic articles about the methods and findings of our projects.

-Co-designed a top 25 app at the Mobile Apps Showdown of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show
-Planned and conducted user research including interviews and ethnographic observation
-Designed wireframes and prototypes; evaluated them through usability testing with potential users


University of Michigan School of Information | Ann Arbor, MI — Master of Science in Information
JANUARY 2009 - MAY 2011

Specialization in Human-Computer Interaction. Courses including Evaluation of Systems and Services, Fundamentals of Human Behavior, Interface and Interaction Design, and Pervasive Interaction Design.

University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, MI — Bachelor of Arts
SEPTEMBER 2004 - MAY 2008

Concentrations in History and Creative Writing. Junior year abroad at the University of St. Andrews.


100% available.


Master of Science in Information specializing in Human-Computer Interaction.

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