About YouMedical


YouMedical develops, produces and provides innovative solutions in the healthcare market, an industry that often lacks innovation.
We are committed to continuous development and sustainable operations by working hand in hand with innovators, distributors, partners and associates.

*The core of YouMedical's business is our dedication to excellence:*
- To stand out in the international medical device and OTC market and make a point with our wide range of brands
- To quickly adapt business strategies to changing healthcare markets and evolving needs of consumers
- To provide our worldwide experience and know-how to launch, register and market innovative health care products
- To create impact by collaborating with inventors and research teams around the globe


*find - simplify - thrive*

YouMedical's key to continuous success is combining innovation with simplicity. This shows in its mission to improve the health of people worldwide by researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products in the OTC and medical device market.
We believe in the straightforward, accessible way we talk, the clean, aerodynamic look of our brands and the unpretentious, unique feel of everything we do.
YouMedical never settles for the obvious, always looking for new and unexpected ways of presenting brands and ideas for ultimate satisfaction of consumers, associates and partners equally.

Our Brands

YouMedical's brands help to treat and prevent a range of conditions such as haemorrhoids, eczema, nail fungus, foot fungus, callus, age spots, chicken pox and snoring.

We are continuously researching for new products, inventions and ideas to become the next YouMedical brand. If you have an idea or potential product, please contact "" and/or check out our Innovation Center.

Our Team

*Enjoy work*
*Create impact*
*Have fun*
*While succeeding as a team*


Our Opportunities

* Regulatory Affairs Manager
* Sales Person

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