According to float mobile learning, a consulting firm that specializes in mobile strategy and application development, there are currently more than 320 million mobile phones in the U.S. and 1.7 million hospital beds. That’s about 185 phones for every bed.

The emerging field of Mobile Health has enabled consumers to use smart phone technology to answer their own health-related questions with the quick tap of a touch screen – this in turn, will eventually lead to declining doctor visits. Float mobile learning’s research reveals that many experts in the field believe using mobile health technologies such as apps that monitor fitness and eating habits will increasingly benefit patients. Many doctors for example are in full support of patients monitoring their health at home, especially when it comes to watching weight, blood sugar and vital signs.

This great infographic on provides a good overview of Mobile Health and the impact it’s making on our culture and our well-being.


As a professional project platform for companies and freelancers from IT, consulting, creative, engineering and fashion industries, projektwerk has recently launched its medical platform.


The progressive specialisation and the consequential need for highly qualified freelancers have reached the healthcare industry. The working model of the locum doctor, which has already prevailed especially in Great Britain and the US, has arrived in Continental Europe. But the desire for a greater amount of flexibility and self-determination is not limited to the medical profession. A rethinking is also taking place among other medical staff such as medical advisors, nurses or managers.

This is where projektwerk medical comes into play. It offers a platform to all specialists in the healthcare industry.

Based on more than 12 years of expertise, projektwerk connects people who work flexibly, enabling them to find matching projects and freelancers.

On our newly developed sites,,,, and, we provide participants of the flexible working world with the highest quality and the most recent matching technology, empowering them to recruit or promote their skills efficiently.

The new matching service provides an efficient way to allocate supply and demand of medical projects and expertise across a variety of functions.

Similarly to the other projektwerk platforms, the medical platform has been complemented with a specialised blog. The medical blog keeps you informed about news concerning the healthcare industry, market trends, events and press releases.

On the occasion of the launch of projektwerk medical, we invite you to try out all premium benefits for free and without commitment for 2 months.

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