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Tips when choosing an internet provider

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A website and all the data needs to be stored at a suitable internet service provider.In the following you will find some tips when choosing a provider. On the provider Verio explains what should not be forgotten:

1. Providers should have long-term expertise
Only at experienced, established companies that are financially stable you can be sure that your data is well protected and always available.

2. Read the small print and footers
The monthly rent and other costs should be clearly indicated. It is not a sign of great reliability if prices are not evident. Also check all parts of the contract e.g.  duration and one-time setup fee and look for hidden costs before signing.

Of course it is alright if you pay extra charges for e.g. new sub domains, e-mail accounts or features like photo galleries or blogs – but also those costs should be clear from the beginning.

In addition : Availability of the site must be secured
The provider should offer so-called SLAs (Service Level Agreements). These SLAs set that incurring penalties or rental payments will be refunded if certain values ​​go below the limit. Important is a guaranteed availability of the site of at least 99.9 percent per month. This 0.1 percent sounds very little, but actually these are 43 minutes and 12 seconds.

3. Flexible solutions should be possible
Many standard solutions are barely adaptable. At least some design templates should be able to be adapted to your own ideas. For example by hiding page elements, changing the background colour or inserting images.

4. Check the scope of the provider precisely
Basic services like flash format should always be inclusive. Otherwise you would not be able to integrate an animated intro on your website. Other examples for basic services are features like blogs, guest books, forums or RSS feeds.

5. Websites grow with their company
The bigger your company becomes, the bigger and more complex your website should be. This affects not only the number of new pages, but also new features.

6. Service and support
Especially at big providers, service and support are often not taken seriously enough. The provider should be at least available on phone, fax or e-mail and answer realtively fast.

What is your opinion: What points matter most when choosing a provider?

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With a strong focus on technology the IT consultancies are often wrong at projects. The consequences: organizational chaos, employee frustration, or system failures.

The obituary published by the Burton Group analyst Anne Thomas Manes in 2009, is more relevant than ever. “Service-oriented architecture (SOA)” is an important aspect.

SOA appeared in many presentations as a slogan in previous years. The old, static IT landscape should be replaced by a modular architecture. However, the plan did not always work. The costs did explode and some failed completely.

The SOA approach also means that the users have adapt to extreme differences.
Many IT-consultants just realized these difficulties in the middle of the projects.

Also, security problems are threatening. However on the pro side a higher speed, cost savings or productivity gains are tempting. But if there are failures, it will become expensive right away.

Does the industry systematically underestimate the consequences of new technology? Jens-Uwe Holz, managing partner of the IT service Itellium Services thinks that ongoing consulting becomes more and more important.

At customer groups, the consultants find the right tone with that. One would like to see “responsive and sophisticated innovations that bring a real added value, above all” (DSAG)

Leaving the solely technical view will also help in business-talks where representatives of other departments are present. Especially for the reason that it is non-IT departments who are deciding on the budget.

What is your opinion? Do you also think, that ongoing consulting and being a team player is that important?

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A project plan should always be based on good risk management. Therefore you should regularly check whether the issue is possible to achieve. Suggestions for a change coming from outside the team might become risks, so to avoid unpleasant surprises, changes should always be made formally. Before implementing new ideas calculations of time- and money-cost should be made.
Furthermore, in the beginning of a project all objectives must be clearly defined:

– What is necessary to achieve the goal?
Good and regular documentation is very important. This avoids confusion and dubiety in the team. Daily team meetings can be very helpful here.
– Where are we on our way to the goal?
Good communication and organization are extremely important in team work. Therefore, it is important to accurately define the roles in a team. It might be best to document the responsibilities in written form. The work flow should always be transparent.

The leading project manager should be well trained, able to assert himself and be able to make out-of-favour decisions.

In the end of a project someone should write a final report on the project development, major problems, found solutions and achieved results. Afterwards a project reflection could be helpful to know what was solved well and what parts could be optimized for further projects.

Maybe you have some more tips for the other readers? We’d love to know your opinion.

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tips for crowdsourcing

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virtual projectmanagement software

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online workspace

virtual project management software like “wizehive” is becoming a new standard thanks to easy-to-use virtual workspace technology that connects remote users across from the world-wide-web. professionals can use virtual project management software to connect with other associates from anywhere a computer or mobile device can connect to the internet.

have a look @ this short youtube tutorial: wizehive



engadget – tech blog

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engadget is a nifty technology blog and podcast about consumer electronics, covering the latest tech and gadget news stories. it’s definitely worth a look.



“the new york times recently explored trends in the technology jobs market and suggets that significant opportunities only reveal themselves when examining both the available jobs and the underlying trends in demand for skills…”

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