Coworking has become increasingly popular in the last years, since it offers freelancers the benefits of an office life without limiting their freedom or restricting their creativity with that 9 to 5 feeling.

But is Coworking a business model or life style that suits you and meets your needs? has put together 5 signs that you should consider becoming a member of the ever-growing Coworking community.

Here they are:

1.    You Don´t think Showering During the Work Week is necessary?
Or: You feel the need to be around people in order not to get isolated. Being a coworker gives you the opportunity to take a coffee break with colleagues and, of course, the incentive to actually start (or maintain) a somewhat well-ordered lifestyle.

2.    You Want a Network but Hate Networking Events?
Trade sipping on cocktails and exchanging business cards with working alongside other professionals. Actually seeing the work and getting to see each other on a regular basis means a different and often much more valuable connection. Which translates into a good and productive network.

3.    There Are Things You Can´t Do?
Having good contacts in your own field of expertise is a great thing – but what if you need advice or a cooperation partner? In a Coworking space, you are more likely to find what you need, since you already know each other and (maybe even) your work.

4.    Sure You Like Coffee Shops – But Work in One?
Of course, you can work in a café. Looking around, it seems to be a very hip thing to do. If you do not care enough about appearing hip and trendy to ignore the downsides of working in a coffee shop like the noise, the necessity to take your laptop and other equipment to the bathroom each and every time or the lack of space – you might feel better in a Coworking space.

5.    Your Kitchen Is Your Meeting Room?
Meeting clients in your private surrounding not only puts pressure on you to clear up your surroundings constantly (come to think of it, maybe that is not a bad idea overall…). It also means that your client will possibly doubt your professionalism.

Why you should refrain from becoming a coworker

As many benefits as there are, Coworking is not for everyone. These signs may tell you that is it not for you:
1.    You are a company with more than 10 people – the internal communication could shut out the other coworkers – and with that, the Coworking benefits
2.    You need your privacy – be it the work content that calls for privacy or that you just do not like being overheard on the phone.
3.    You don´t like people – this one is obvious. But then again – if you are not a person that likes to socialize, you would not honestly consider becoming a coworker, right?

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