The fiat branch that is operating in Brazil is going to reveal its newest car on the Sao Paolo automobile fair in October.

The Fiat Mio is an all electric, 2.50 meter long car that is developed on the basis of user ideas that were shared on an online website where the design could be edited, commented and distributed.

17 000 members from over 140 countries have shared their thoughts in the web and developed Fiat’s newest creation that will be released this year. The result should be a customer friendly car, especially in terms of design and eco-friendliness.

What do you think of the car? Is the two-seater it going to be a success? Discuss here!

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The world automotive markets are developing in different directions. On one side the Chinese car sales have slowed down a little since July after the government announced to reduce their incentives. In addition commodities around the globe are getting more expensive, which lowers the profits of the companies that need to look exactly on the development of the prices for metals like aluminum or copper.

On the other side countries like Brazil have brought companies like Ford a bigger profit due to a growing market where investments are made by several big international automotive brands.

Ford’s generated income of $765 million in the South American country might push Brazil to the second most important market, leaving the United Kingdom behind.

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According to the German Automotive Association (VDA) the growth of the Asian, U.S. and Brazilian market has slowed down a little but, speaking especially for the Chinese sector is still at a positive rate of 17 percent in July.

In Europe things don’t look that good: du to expiry of state supported programs that made car buying in countries like Germany more affordable, sales go down.

However in India and Japan the market is happy about growing numbers. 1.3 million cars were sold in the second most populated country in the world and the Japanese could record a plus of over 13 percent last month.

The situation looks similar in Brazil, Russia and the United States where markets pick up pace and like in Russia rose by almost 50 percent.



Today, the Volkswagen group announced their ambition to manufacture and sell annually over two million cars until 2012. This would imply a severe rise of the market share which currently is at around 17 percent of the most populous country in the world.

With four new factories the company will try to achieve their primal target already six years earlier than originally planned. The main reason for this optimistic forecast are numbers of sales of this year’s first four months which brought a sales rise of over 53 percent compared to 2009.

The 1.4 million cars sold last year could easily be exceeded with an average growth of over 20 percent supported by an investment of over six billion Euros.