The fiat branch that is operating in Brazil is going to reveal its newest car on the Sao Paolo automobile fair in October.

The Fiat Mio is an all electric, 2.50 meter long car that is developed on the basis of user ideas that were shared on an online website where the design could be edited, commented and distributed.

17 000 members from over 140 countries have shared their thoughts in the web and developed Fiat’s newest creation that will be released this year. The result should be a customer friendly car, especially in terms of design and eco-friendliness.

What do you think of the car? Is the two-seater it going to be a success? Discuss here!

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Nissan has revealed plans for their new car „Leaf“ to contain a battery that can last up to eight years or over 100 000 miles. This is part of their attempt to release an affordable all-electric car on the market.

Consumer concerns about durability of the “rechargeable engine” are the reason for the company to announce that the car can keep the pace with normal gas automobiles and will have a similar lifetime. The “Leaf”, which will be on sale in the United States from December, will cost around $ 25, 000 (after tax credit) and can be charged in one of 15,000 charging stations that (will) spread all over the country.